Management Services               

Relax!  We have you covered.

Let us take the headache out of managing your residential rental property.  We'll find the right tenant, handle all maintenance issues (day or night!) and aggressively market your property when that time comes.  The rental business as many of us know, can be extremely time consuming and difficult.  Credit and background checks, employment verification, and obtaining positive rental history are a must in order to select a quality renter; not to mention routine maintenance of the unit.  When a rental is priced correctly and well maintained, your odds of finding a quality, long-term renter increase dramatically.

Management Fees

10% of the monthly gross collected rent.  
A leasing fee of 1/2 of the first month's rent, if we obtain the renter for your property.  If we start managing the rental and it is already occupied, it is a flat 10%.  1/2 leasing fee will be charged when unit becomes vacant and we re-rent the unit.   These fees are subject to change at our discretion.  In the event that you would like us to manage more than one unit, contact us to discuss the possibility of a lower fee.  Our fees are considerably lower than those of other Property Managers.  Feel free to shop around and compare!

 Maintenance of your unit

We are ready to deal with any maintenance issue that should arise and can have the work performed for a reasonable fee.  If you have a home warranty on your property, we will certainly work with the home warranty company.  We have contractors on call to handle any issue that might arise with your rental 24 hours a day.  Be assured that we use only licensed, insured and highly skilled contractors that we have worked with for years.  Please remember, holiday and/or weekend repairs will cost more.  

Advertising your property

Our goal is to find a long-term renter for each property that we manage.  However, when a lease is over and a renter decides to move, we are ready to aggressively, but cost effectively, market your property.  The internet is invaluable when it comes to advertising.  We post all rentals on, as well as here on our website on the For Rent page.  From time-to-time we may advertise in the Herald Leader (print & on-line version), Kentucky Kernel (University of Kentucky paper), and any other local paper when necessary.

Collection of rental payments

 We collect rent on a monthly basis from all tenants in a timely manner.  Should a tenant not pay on time, we have a collection process we will implement to collect your rental money.  We exert every effort to collect the money on our own.  If necessary, we have attorneys and collection agencies to help recoup as much as possible.


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